Belotero Lips: Filler Treatment

The BELOTERO® range of Hyaluronic Acid fillers are advanced dermal fillers that offer excellent skin integration combined with different levels of lifting and volumizing capacity to achieve natural and individualized results that suit you.  They work by replenishing nature’s supply of hyaluronic acid that our skin loses naturally with age.  The injected gel boosts the skin’s own hydration system, lifts and fills mild to even deeper lines and restores youthful volume to areas like: cheeks/jawline/chin/marionette lines/naso-labial folds and lips.  You will see the lifting and volumizing effects immediately.

Duration for line treatment and volumizing is around 9-18 months depending on the products used and areas treated.

Lip enhancement with Belotero Shape & Contour generally lasts around 6 months and addresses two types of concerns at once: defining border shape and adding overall volume.

What is unique to Belotero’s Lip Fillers: Shape and Contour is that you can opt to use one or both syringes to achieve your desired results.

The syringes are .60 ml each vs the competitor’s 1.0 ml.

I know- you are thinking THAT’S 40%LESS! –  but trust us, if you are looking to see our injectors for just a little top up, then .60 ml is a nice amount and is priced at $350.00 instead of our 1.0 ml syringe rate of $500.00.

Want both syringes to get the full Belotero dual Shape & Contour results? Both syringes = a total of 1.20 mls for $500.00 THAT’S 20% MORE for the same price as the other brands.

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View an injectable safety planning guide here.

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