Botox for Hyperhydrosis

Excessive sweating is something many people suffer from, but the good news is there are options to manage the sweat and some options are reimbursed partially or in full by your insurance or provincial health (AHS).

Most people notice the start of excessive sweating during their teen years or early adulthood.  Folks who have excessive sweating, medically referred to as hyperhidrosis, are commonly bothered by excessive sweating to the areas of the head/face, feet, hands, underarms, or groin.

If this description of sweating sounds familiar, then please know there are are a few local options available to help you manage.

A diagnosis from a specialist can help you determine the best approach for treatment/management of excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis.  Dr. Trevor Brooks has the knowledge and expertise to determine if you are a candidate for the following treatments:

  • Botox for Hyperhydrosis (treatments are done at the medical clinic by Dr. Brooks or qualified nurses)
  • MiraDry Laser (treatments available elsewhere- we can refer you)
  • Surgical Axillary Sweat Gland Removal (surgeries are done at MHRH by Dr. Brooks)

Dr. Brooks will typically only surgically remove sweat glands as a last resort for people whose lifestyles are seriously affected by hyperhidrosis.  A portion of the surgical cost may be covered by AHS.  If you have exhausted the other treatment options, and are interested in a axillary sweat gland surgery, please see your family doctor or a walk in clinic physician for a referral to Dr. Brooks.

Did you know some medications may cause excessive sweating as a side effect? View a list of medications that may cause excessive sweating here.

It is important to manage your medical conditions e.g. anxiety, diabetes, pain etc. If you are interested in switching your medication to one that causes less sweating, talk to your family doctor.

Want to know more about your options?  Please check out the website for some excellent patient resources by clicking here.