Botox for Migraines

“Are you among the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who don’t know they have Chronic Migraines?”

Complete this tool (questionnaire) and bring it to your first appointment with Dr. Brooks and our nurses to start an important conversation about your headaches.

As Botox Therapeutic for Migraine treatment is a provincial health (AHS) covered procedure , there is no charge for the injection fee; however, you may still be required to pay for the product, depending if you have personal insurance coverage or not:

  • Have Insurance?  You may be covered through your personal insurance for the Botox Therapeutic product.  In this case your provincial health coverage (AHS) pays for the injection fee, and your insurance company pays for the Botox Therapeutic product.  At your first appointment we will take a copy of your insurance card, fill out some forms, and along with our pharmacy partner we will take care of figuring out if you are covered or not.
  • No Insurance? If you suffer from migraines and do not have insurance coverage, your provincial health coverage (AHS) will still pay for the injection fee, but you will pay for the Botox Therapeutic (which we stock at the clinic).  It is $3.57 per unit (most people require about 155 units, so it is approximately a $555.00 cost to you every 3 months).

*Note: if you would like Botox Cosmetic as well, that product is not covered by provincial health coverage, is out of a different vial (not covered by your insurance company), and is charged at $10.00 per unit.

For more information about Botox Therapeutic for Migraines please read this short article from the American Headache Society.  It explains the PREEMPT protocol which we follow for all migraine treatments.  Click here to read the article.  You can also view the injection sites for the PREEMPT protocol in the image displayed on this page (below).

Not interested in Botox for Migraine Treatment at this time? The Canadian Headache Society has a publication here that explains some lifestyle or other medications you might try to keep the migraines in check.