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What is Brow Lamination?

Lacquer Brow Lamination is the hottest new trend in the brow industry.  You may have tried or heard of soap brows, brow gel, or brow pomades, but those are temporary and time the upkeep is time consuming.   Nothing can achieve a tamed, sculpted and/or fluffy brow look quite like brow lamination.  This 3 step, Health Canada approved system helps your brow hairs to stay in place.  Sara took her Brow Lamination Certification at the Esthetic Institute in Calgary in April 2022.

Am I a good candidate for brow lamination?

How long does Brow Lamination last?

You can expect your brow lamination results to last 6-8 weeks, as long as you commit to following the after-care instructions below.

How does brow lamination work?

Brow lamination ads the look of volume and fullness to your brows by combing the best brow hairs over sparse areas in an upward motion which results in a perfect fluffy eyebrow that compliments and contours your natural brow bone.  Whether you are aiming for the youthful, full and fluffy look, or a sleek & sculpted brow, pairing brow lamination with a brow wax to clean up unwanted hair growth, or with a brow tint for a bit more drama, Sara can help you achieve that Instagram worthy brow!

If a perm can shape your hair for months, similarly, brow lacquer can tame your erratic brow hair growth! Brow lacquer is pH balanced to ensure that it is gentle on your brow hairs.

How long after microblading or PMU do I have to wait before a brow lamination appointment?

If you have just had your brows micro-bladed, nano-tattooed, or permanently tattooed you must wait4-6 weeks after your final touch up to have your brow lamination procedure. Likewise, if you have had your brows laminated, you must wait at least 2 weeks before going for micro-blading, nano-brow tattooing or permanent brow tattooing.  To learn more about microblading click here.

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Pre and Post Care For Brow Lamination

Perfect brows can sometimes be a two-step process. Please allow time for an excellent result to be achieved. Note: Brow Tints are done 1 week after your Lamination. 

If you have any of the following conditions, please contact our clinic before booking to ensure you are a candidate.

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding
  • Recent eye surgery
  • Psoriasis/Eczema
  • Alopecia
  • Recent permanent makeup (must have healed 6 weeks after last appointment)
  • Sunburn
  • Ultra-sensitive skin
  • Taking blood thinning medications
  • Pink eye
  • Scar tissue in the treatment area
  • Recent use of brow growth serums (there are many formulations and we can’t guarantee they will not react)

Before Your Brow Lamination Appointment:

  • Do not use brow growth serums for 3-7 days before and after your treatment
  • Do not use Retin-A, Retinol products 3-7 days before and after your treatment
  • Avoid plucking, tweezing, sugaring or waxing
  • Arrive with no make up on, or be prepared to have it removed by Sara before treatment
  • Do not tint your brows within 3-7 days before, it is best to tint them 1 week after your treatment

After Your Brow Lamination Appointment:

  • DO NOT, rub, pick, or scratch the treated area, as picking can cause trauma to the hairs and force them out of alignment
  • DO NOT get your brows wet- no use of pools, saunas, steam rooms, hot showers and/or hot baths for 48 hours
  • DO NOT get your brows sweaty -any dampness can produce poor results, so take it easy on the cardio for 48 hours
  • DO NOT apply makeup to the brows for 24 hours
  • DO NOT apply self tanners on the face for 48 hours
  • DO NOT use Retin-A, Retinol products for 3-7 days after your treatment
    • DO wait 48 hours, then each day comb and apply the Brow Balm with a spoolie brow/lash brush
    • DO understand that your brows were chemically treated and may feel dry.  The Brow Balm will help to condition your brows.

Avoid using chemical skin exfoliants or oily products right on the brows/forehead area very close to the brows. Use of these products will cause premature breakdown of the brow lacquer.

  • Examples of products to avoid may include but are not limited to:
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Hydroquinone
  • Retinol, Retin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Basically, avoid all “peels” or “oily” products along the brow area

Dr. Trevor Brooks

Dr. Trevor Brooks

Medical Director

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