Schedule Your Dermaplaning Appointment With Sara

Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation where a surgical grade, sterile, #10 scalpel blade is carefully stroked along the skin at a gentle angle to effectively “shave off” dead skin cells.  Some superficial blackheads are often also removed with this same technique.

Dermaplaning will temporarily remove the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face, leaving you with a very smooth face perfectly prepped for your makeup.  The removal of dead skin cells allows for your Alumier MD, or other home care products to be more effectively absorbed.  Frequent derma-planing treatments when paired with our other spa services, like Laser, HydraFacial or Chemical Peels can reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone, and assist in clearing up minor breakouts associated with congested pores.

How much does dermaplaning cost? Each Treatment is $80.00

In addition you will receive a post-treatment care kit which contains a 3-7 day supply of Alumier’s Sheer Hydration Untinted Sunscreen (SPF 40), the SensiCalm Cleanser, and the Intensive Recovery Balm.

Should I have a dermaplaning consultation first?

Not everyone is a good candidate for dermaplaning, so we recommend booking a free 15 min skin care consultation.

Who does the dermaplaning treatment?

Our certified esthetician, Sara K, will be the one to perform your dermaplaning treatment.  She took her dermaplaning certification at the award winning Esthetic Institute Training Centre in Calgary in July 2019.  Sara literally dreams about dermaplaning Medicine Hat! It is a satisfying technique. View her certificate here.

How long does a dermaplaning appointmen take?

A Dermaplaning treatment is a 30-45 minute appointment.  Safety, not speed is our number one concern.

Is there downtime associated with dermaplaning?

Each person differs in the length of time it takes for the redness to reduce after treatment.  We recommend allowing 7 days before an important social engagement for your first treatment and adjusting your schedule for appointments once you know how you will react.

Can I pair dermaplaning with other medi-spa treatments? Oh, certainly! We recommend adding dermaplaning before a HydraFacial or the Renew 30 Alumier peel.