Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage

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What is Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage?

Scars that were due to body piercings, cuts, surgical incisions and burns are treated using the Digitex device where pigment is deposited using microneedles.  The treatment results in a seamless transition between your natural skin tone and where the either pink or very light scar is.  It is a similar feeling to tattooing, so for your comfort a numbing cream is applied before treatment begins.

Scar Camouflage works best on light scars that are not raised.  Raised scars may need a few microneedling treatments first to soften and flatten the scar before the actual camouflage portion of the treatment may begin.

All scars must be healed before treatment may begin.  Dr. Brooks and Sara recommend waiting a year for scars to heal before beginning treatment.

Stretch marks are treated using the same technique as the stretch marks resemble thin scars a times.

Do you recommend pairing micro-needling with scar camouflage?

Yes,  when patients were treated with the combined approach of microneedling first and then scar camouflage the scar is both softened, more flattened and lightened/darkened to match the skin tone of the surrounding area.

What can I expect with a Scar Camouflage treatment?

You can expect pain and redness and a darker pigmentation to the area.  The pain and redness will reduce slowly over the following days, but it can take weeks before the pigment lightens.

Is it a one and done treatment? 

No, you will likely need between 2-4 treatments to get the best match of pigment to your natural skin tone.

What conditions can Scar Camouflage treat?

Scar Camouflage is used to effectively diminish the appearance of both scars and stretch marks.

Micro-needling may be used to first to enhance treatment for raised (hypertrophic) scars.  Raised scars form most often at the sites of pimples, body piercings, cuts, surgical incisions and burns.

How does Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage work?

As a healing response to the microneedling, your own growth factors are regenerated which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which softens and smooths scars that may be raised, while the addition of pigmentation that is matched to your skin tone evens the difference in colour between your natural skin tone and the color of the healed scar.

Note: Please arrive 15 minutes early for your initial consultation to read over your consent forms, do your patient history & physical forms.